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Single/Same Night Lay (SNL)

Quick Definition: When a PUA has sex with a woman on the same day/night that he meets her.

Full Definition:

Same night lays (also sometimes referred to as single night lays) are when a PUA is able to fclose a woman on the same day that he meets her. This happens most often in sexually charged “meat market” environments such as night clubs and bars, where the girls are looking to hookup, although it is possible to get SNLs during day game as well.

Same night lays differ from one night stands, in that SNLs lead to further relationships beyond just one night of sex (whether it be FB or LTR), whereas ONSs are usually just a one-time thing. Often, the difference between an ONS and an SNL is building enough rapport so that the woman does not suffer from any buyer’s remorse. If a woman does not regret her decision to sleep with the PUA, it leaves open the opportunity for future sex.

Like ONSs, it is important for same night lays to determine the woman’s logistics. Figuring out such information such as whether she came alone or with friends or whether she has to work tomorrow are important for an SNL to go smoothly. Usually, a woman who is looking to hookup will have better logistics, and women will even ignore poor logistics if they feel attracted enough.

Another important thing to remember for SNLs is to have a strong sexual frame, and be completely non-judgmental of the woman when it comes to her sexuality. This will help the woman sexually open up to the PUA, and keep from triggering ASD later on.


I met the HB at the club and closed her that night for an SNL.

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Source: Captain Jack

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Posted by on February 16, 2009

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