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Nonsexual Touching

AKA Comfort Touching

Quick Definition: Touching someone in any form that does not communicate or sub-communicate sexual intent or interest.

Full Definition:

The seduction community has an ideology that “kino is very important” in order to ” get out of the friend zone!” This is true for newbies because instructors must get shy guys to become more social and more sexual. These are common problems. But this can limit us. Have you ever had someone touch you in a friendly, non threatening way? Nonsexual touching can be used between guys to build rapport, as well as show confidence in a friend or a new acquaintance.

For example, a doctor may pat the patient on the back to let him know that he’ll recover. Or a principal might lead a little kid down the hall so he knows where to find his teacher.

nonsexual touching

Though still hot, example of non sexual touching with Selina Gomez

Nonsexual touching can give you very strong plausible deniability with women. You’re just a touchy guy, and you touch with respect. Also, a man who has a girlfriend is also more wary of sexual touching and may touch in a friendly but not sexual way.

With nonsexual touching, touch lightly and don’t hold the position for more than three seconds. Touch her hand lightly: the shoulder, elbow, and upper back are neutral areas of touch. As you get more friendly, a hug may be appropriate, but never press too hard or have a sexual” vibe. Think of President Obama, or whoever inspires you and how they would treat a hot girl they worked with. This is a powerful way to convey rapport, and, in cases where you want to have the power, deny any sexual intent.


Be aware and comfortable with nonsexual touching.

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Posted by on April 17, 2012

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