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Neg Hit/Negging (Negs)

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Quick Definition: A backhanded compliment or similar comment that is used to bring hot women down a notch.

Full Definition:

Neg hits, or more commonly negs (short for “negative hits”), are quick, sometimes humorous remarks used by PUAs to get past the bitch shield of hot women. Many men, when approaching an HB, make the mistake of immediately lavishing them with compliments. This rarely ever works because it is a) not genuine, b) places the girl on a pedestal, and c) what every other guy does.

By negging a target, a PUA avoids falling into this trap. An example of a commonly used neg in the seduction community is: “Nice nails, are they real?” A comment like this accomplishes a number of things. First, it brings the woman (especially very attractive women, who are used to getting compliments) down a notch and shows that the PUA is not overawed by her beauty. Second, it creates a bit of a challenge, so, if the woman is at all interested, she will start chasing the PUA and trying to win his approval.

It is important to note that a neg hit is not an insult. Rather, it is an often humorous comment used to communicate active disinterest. New guys often make the mistake of insulting women or being mean to them. That is not the point of negs, and they should never be used to make women feel bad about themselves.

Matador: The appropriate response from a girl after a neg is laughter.

Other examples of negs include:

  • Your nose wiggles when you talk! … It’s so cute! … Look at it! There it goes again!
  • Y’know, I just saw a girl wearing the EXACT SAME dress/outfit a little while ago.
  • You can dress her up, but you can’t take her anywhere! (shotgun neg)
  • You have some lipstick on your face, here let me wipe it off. (sniper neg, kino)
  • You have really big ears (Sniper neg), don’t worry, I think it’s cute, kind of like a bunny. (IOI calibration)


You need to neg the HB10 target because there’s 5 guys trying to talk to her right now.

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Posted by on December 23, 2008

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