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Lay of Rage

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AKA Revenge Fuck

Quick Definition: To have sex with someone (or a group of people, usually within a social circle) with the purpose of retaliation or revenge.

Full Definition:

A lay of rage is when a PUA has sex with a girl with intent of getting revenge on someone else. Although there are many cooperative aspects to the seduction community, there are also many competitive elements and big egos as well, which can lead to episodes of PUAs using sex as a weapon against each other.

In pop culture, revenge fucks are generally associated with women, as they tend to be chooser in having sex with the opposite sex. As PUAs know, however, a player can be the chooser and therefore initiate revenge fuck episodes.

For example, Jeffy recalls how he went got over being fired from a show to getting revenge:


I had a lay of rage with Jenny to get back at her boyfriend.

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Source: Jeffy, RSD

Posted by on April 5, 2009

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