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J-Girls / Japanese Girls

Quick Definition: A Japanese HB.

Full Definition:

J-girl is a common shorthand used by PUAs to refer to Japanese girls in the field. J-girls, especially FOBs, tend to be shy and submissive, which can make initially hooking them more difficult, but can speed things along later on. Japanese girls living in Japan have a fascination with foreigners, especially Americans—a fact that PUAs can use to their advantage when engaging in TPU.

J-girls come in many varieties. Japan fosters a culture of creativity and high fashion. A couple of archetypes of the J-girl in media include (and is not limited to) the following:


-Harajuku girls-

Harajuku is a an area between two major shopping streets in Japan, known for its youthful culture and fashion forward styles.

-FOB Japanese Girls-

Known for their beauty, they work as waitresses and models at car shows, but barely speak English.


-Americanized J-girls-

Second or third generation American Japanese girls. Hmmmm.


-Traditional J-girls-

A blend of the past and present, traditional Jgirls wear Kimonos


-Pornstar J-girls-

Known as the “AV” industry, porn is big in Japan.


-School girl Jgirl / Kogal-

A common archetype for younger Jgirls, who are required to wear a uniform in school



A adoption of hip hop style with dark skin tones and light hair.


-Anime J girls-

Let’s not forgot the Japanese Anime and Hentai authors, who have given us their portrayal of woman in their full artistic beauty



Anatole loves J-girls; that’s why he has to go to Comicon!

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Posted by on February 24, 2009

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