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Body Language Clusters

By on April 22, 2012

Quick Definition: A cluster of body language signals that combine to give the social artist a good pattern and idea of what the observed person is thinking.

Full Definition:

Body language cues are often misread by beginners of social sciences because they are read in singularity rather than as a pattern. Body language cues must be read in clusters. For example, if a girl is folding her arms, it doesn’t necessarily mean she is closed off. If she crosses her arms, but follows that with pointing her foot towards you and nodding her head, she could very well be listening carefully to you, albeit feeling cold.



A good book on reading body pattern clusters: The Definitive Book of Body Language

Similarly, a girl may have an itch and be rubbing her nose. This signal on its own could be interpreted as “she’s hiding something.” But if you read the pattern in clusters: rubbing nose, eyes watering, body seated openly, head tilted towards you, touching her face—these clusters suggest that the girl is interested in you, she just has allergies.

Because body language generally influences at least 40-70% of what we say, so it is important to read Body Language Clusters correctly to reveal what people are really thinking.

A documentary on body language of famous icons:


Read body language cues in clusters, never alone on a single action.

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