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Quick Definition: Disarming obstacles with a non-contrived magic trick and then a roll-off (immediately after the magic trick is performed) to quickly reach the hook point.

Full Definition:

It may have a lower hook rate compared to conventional opening, but Blitzhooking is gets to the hook point much more quickly. Instead of taking 5-10 minutes trying to hook a set using conventional opening and disarming, a set can be hooked in as little as 10 seconds with Blitzhooking.

This especially beneficial for PUAs who use direct or sexual tension game (such as 60 years of Challenge or Gunwitch Method) because they often have difficulty with sets that have obstacles. Once a set is Blitzhooked, the PUA gains a window of opportunity to engage and escalate with the target.

There are actually three ladders that women use for categorizing men: friend, boyfriend, and secret lover. To be placed on the secret lover ladder, one must escalate and reach an It’s On Moment (IOM) within the first 15 minutes. Thus, it is important for a PUA using sexual tension game to quickly disarm obstacles. The speed of a Blitzhook allows the sexual tension game user to disarm obstacles quickly so he can focus on escalating with the target hooked. No time is wasted on unhookable set.


That HB is surrounded by three guys and two girls. I’m going to blitzhook them so I can engage her one-on-one.

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Posted by on May 3, 2012

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