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Bitch Shield (BS)

Quick Definition: A metaphorical social shield that women adopt when attempting to fend of would-be suitors.

Full Definition:

Bitch Shields, sometimes also known as just “shields,” are what cause PUAs to feel that a woman is unapproachable. She may be giving no AIs, or Anti-AIs, and be moving away in proximity. Bitch Shields can also occur during a conversation, when the girl tries to blow the PUA out and acts generally rude, interrupting him or asking him to leave.

The concept of the Bitch Shield doesn’t mean that most women are normally mean or bitchy. Rather, due to extreme circumstances (such as being in a high traffic night club or being hit on many times), women begin to adopt this persona over time. Usually, extremely attractive women (and some of those who are not) often pretend to be a bitch to prevent an endless stream of no-game men (AFCs) from hitting on them. Some women will enjoy the power rush from being a bitch, while others are like that naturally. It is important for the seducer to recognize when a Bitch Shield is artificial and when the woman is truly a bitch.

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That HB has been hit on all night, so she has her bitch shield up pretty high.

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Source: FastSeduction

Posted by on December 14, 2008

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