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Quick Definition: The idea of being encompassed by pure male sexual dominance and sexual intent.

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Beasting brings sexual presence into every approach and acts on it. A few things you should bring to the interaction are a huge sense of entitlement, a dominant presence, and a strong sexual intent. Escalate the moment and be unapologetic about it. Don’t let others dictate the interaction. If a woman pulls away from the makeout, pull her back in. Push the interaction at every moment and don’t be afraid to do exactly what you want at all times. Calibration is a must, and this will only come through countless nights out in the field.

PUAs say that you should bring your reaction time down to zero and approach the moment you notice the girl. This way, your approach will be purely instinctual and without hesitation (similar to the 3 second rule).

The term “Beasting” was first coined by San Francisco PUA, Minotaur. Popularity rose rapidly due to the entertaining style of Minotaur’s FR’s. Popular phrases included, “beasting on scallywags,” “the scalliest of wags,” “BOOM, finger bang,” and “my normal thing, you know.”

Minotaur regularly sarged with Jeffy of RSD and soon use of the term spread to RSD’s videos.


n/a – theory

Source: Origins of the SF Lair and RSD

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Posted by on March 15, 2011

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    Lol thats me in the video, i suspect that video probably undermines the actual definition of beasting.

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