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Alpha Male

Quick Definition: The top dog in a social hierarchy, or shorthand for an attractive and dominant man. Often abbreviated to just “alpha.”

Full Definition:

In animal hierarchies, the Alpha Male is the most dominant, and typically the physically strongest member of the group. For example, in wolf packs, the “alpha wolf” is the strongest member of the pack, and is the leader of the group. This position of leadership is often achieved by killing or defeating the previous Alpha Male in combat. Alpha wolves have first access to food as well as mating privileges with the females of the pack.

Social status among human social groups is less rigidly defined than in the animal kingdom, but there are some recognizable parallels. Although people don’t often engage in physical violence to achieve dominance, there are still recognizable leaders in different fields who have wide access to material resources and women.

Because the qualities of the Alpha Male (such as social dominance and leadership) are attractive to women, many PUAs have adopted these ideals as models of emulation. In fact, the term “alpha” has come be shorthand for the qualities of an attractive man, and it is a common refrain among PUAs to be “more alpha” or to “out alpha” competitors.

It should be noted, however, that not all of the characteristics of a traditionally defined Alpha Male are necessary to pickup women. For example, a suave seducer need not be the most socially dominant person in a room to charm a woman and sweep her off feet. For this reason, some PUAs have come up with different categories and levels of “alphaness,” while others avoid the term entirely. Still, the term remains popular, especially among the socio-biological camp in the seduction community.

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Posted by on November 17, 2008

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  • Lex Wayne

    There is soooo much more to being an alpha male than is covered here. I’ve studied alpha males for the last 10 years and this is basically just a definition. Not that that is bad, just that there is way more!

    To your success!

    • Thanks for the comment man. We don’t allow links to opt in pages, however feel free to leave a signature to a general URL

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