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The Natural Art of Seduction: Secrets of Success with Women

By on February 2, 2010

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Review of the The Natural Art of Seduction: Secrets of Success with Women book by Richard La Ruina from PUA Training.

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Product Name The Natural Art of Seduction: Secrets of Success with Women
Author Gambler
Company Affiliation PUA Training
Release Date 2008
Skill Level Intermediate
Rating Product and content quality – 23/25
Innovation of material – 23/25
Application in field – 25/25
Value for money – 25/25
Total Score 96/100 (A)/100 (based on 1 review)
Price $12.91
Format Book
Reviewed By

Who is Richard La Ruina?

In 2008 Richard La Ruina, better known as “Gambler” on the forums published a book that was distributed by Amazon.com regarding pickup and seduction. It was the first time a mPUA used Amazon as a distribution channel instead of the e-books on websites that were easily copied and leaked (others soon followed suit). It was also the first time a non-US based mPUA published something that was significantly different than what was on the seduction marketplace at that time.

Book Lingo and Concepts

The book is written in plain, simple language (minus the British acronyms such as “I’m going to chat her up” in the bar) with some minor PUA lingo, which makes it great for the average consumer and PUA alike. Of particular interested was Richard’s own experience in becoming good at pickup, told in a semi-autobiographical tone.

The book includes pictures of body language positions that were useful. Richard shares concepts related to natural seduction methods that are easy to remember. For example, the Mr. Social, Mr. Comfort and Mr. Seducer personality types through an interaction at night.

Mr Social is the guy who is social and plays host. In doing so he makes the women and men feel comfortable, and the personality acts as a disqualifier that you are immediate interested in “hitting up girls”.  One you build up social proof and some temporary social circles, you can get to know the girl one on one, or have a deeper conversation.

Mr. Comfort comes in here to build a trustworthy and easy going personality type. One may argue that Mr. Social and Mr. Comfort can also be Mr. DHV/Attraction sprinkled in between. Indeed, if done right, these 2 personality types are inherent DHVs.

Mr. Seducerrequires isolation, and Richard describes how to smoothly move toward sex through this character transition.

Richard’s pickup style is low key, subtle and yet powerful. It doesn’t suit all PUAs, especially the ones that are more loud, crazy and more energetic (i.e. Jeffy and Adam Lyons). For those of you that are more quiet that want to be more dominant, he presents a really great prototype to model after.

The actual book is light and the price is well worth its weight in gold, for both the beginner and intermediate seduction student. The book delivered within a few days from Amazon, no more instant e-book downloads but at least you receive a hard-copy.

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  • italo head

    I think this is the WORST book out of them all, i got for like 1 cents from Amazon and it s not even worth it… Useless crap. just bad used DHV…. un-impressive…
    after this book i started questioning the whole AFC-traing company

  • I watched Gambler’s stuff, DVDs and Stealth Attraction. He’s got some great concepts. You’re entitled to your opinion of course.

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