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  • Pre-Approach Invitation, male Approach Invitation (pAImAI)

    By on December 27, 2008

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    AKA IAI (Inducement to Approach Invitation)

    Quick Definition: A PUA’s ability to display social proof and flash game as to initiate AI signals from the targets in the venue.

    Full Definition:

    There are many ways to initiate pAImAI and run with the resulting AIs. Usually, approaching less attractive girls who are not getting as much attention is a good way to start building social proof by locking-in and getting introductions to her friends. Another method is to calmly walk about the room, greet people, and hangout with your wing. Calmly observe the venue for girls that are showing AIs, and approach those most likely to respond positively. Yet another way is befriending the guys, the bar staff, and running any type of solid social proof game to initiate pAImAI from the females at the venue.


    Let’s try to get PAIMAI from most of the girls in here by using our pivots effectively.

    Related Terms: Flash Game, IAI, AI, Proximity, Social Proof

    Source: Formhandle

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