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  • PIMP Product Review

    By on February 18, 2014

    knowledge sphere smallKnowledge Sphere:

    You can get PIMP here.

    Julien has been one of my favorite instructors at RSD, and after 7 years of training under Owen Cook (Tyler Durden) he has become one of the best pick up artists in the world. Not only that, everyone that has taken a bootcamp with him has credited him to on-point feedback and really relevant coaching methods that push his students to their limits.

    As a public speaker, he uses his hands regularly and speaks with a very strong conviction.

    Julien Pimp My Game

    “This is the map, take it, use it. But you have to do something with the knowledge that I have accumulated over the last 7 years”

    Great Analogies

    His talking points hit hard very frequently, and he has gotten much better at displaying examples of his pick up concepts. For example, he has a analogy called the “Mr. Michael analogy”. Mr Michael is you boss, and he has chosen to give you a promotion. In celebration to that, he’s going to throw you a party with everything + 100 naked girls who are DTF. But, the only criteria is that you can’t fuck any of them. If you do, you lose your job. So at the party, how will you respond? The first girl that pulls you aside in to a corner where Michael can’t see, and calms your nerves, “it is ok, no one will find out”, will be the girl you are most likely to fuck. Women feel this way too due to the double standards set by society. So you need to make her feel comfortable and ok for liking sex.

    julien female psychology


    Julien has gotten so good at his game and speaking that it is hard to tell when he is transitioning from one concept to another, and everything seems weaved together. Holding only 1 Ipad, he goes through 2-3 hour seminars seamlessly. Its pretty cool to watch.

    Organization and Content

    The whole Pimp series is organized succinctly from female psychology to opening all the way to closing. Every module I have viewed so far breaks down Julien’s game from START TO FINISH. I really enjoyed his introduction and the female psychology section, reminiscent of Mystery’s original findings of why we are alive and what drives us (Hint: S&R)

    Epiphany Bonuses

    On the sales page these seem like bonuses. The core of Julien’s game can be learned with $197, you do’t have to pay the $500 for everything. But, as the month 1-5 pass, maybe these sections will fill up with more value. I was glad to find that Julien’s main modules were all there, right away.

    four pillars of sex worthiness


    • Have to wait up to 5 months for additional content. It gets released monthly
    • Videos can be a little slow to load, but this is just launch week so it may get better

    Bottom Line

    This is one of the best products I have seen since the Blueprint, and the original Mystery Method. And I’m not getting any commissions for this review, the link goes straight to RSD’s website and they don’t have an affiliate program.

    You can get PIMP here.

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