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  • Papa (Nick Kho)

    By on February 21, 2010

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    Papa (Nick Kho)
    Papa (Nick Kho)

    Real Name: Nick Kho
    Affiliation: PUA Instructor at Real Social Dynamics

    Nick Kho

    Nick Kho, aka “Papa” is the Co-Founder of Real Social Dynamics (RSD) one of the largest pickup companies in the world. He is usually managing business on the backend, while Tyler is the spokesperson for RSD.

    Papa is well known for knowing how to throw parties and managing elite social circles, and he was one of the main characters in the 2005 novel The Game by Neil Strauss.

    Kho recently announced that he is getting married to his longtime girlfriend, Amber Holmes.

    Papa Quotes

    And I knew that whenever I went to a particular party, I could help make it truly outstanding by bringing a lot of hot girls. One night, the NBA basketball player, Stephen Marbury, had a party at his Starbury Mansion in the Hollywood Hills, and I texted 400 girls I met, but 50 of them showed up (which is above the average 10% response rate that I usually get, which I consider pretty awesome for such a large list). Thus, almost all of the girls at the party were invited to it by me. So I would get invited to more private parties because I became known as a guy who knew a lot of girls.

    Papa Pictures

    papa paris pua

    papa tyler-durden tokyo pua

    pick up artists tyler-durden papa

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    • Papa Tweets way too hard

    • Cowboy

      Read Style’s book recently and since have been reading other publishes of his. In his book I’ve come to relate with Papa in a way. He had everything going for him far as an education, goals, and a plan to fit his future. However he was missing a part of himself that he found in the society. I, in the much the same way, am somewhat certain of my future and what I can(and will) accomplish, however I fill that need to explore other doors that can open unsuspected paths in which I can succeed in life.

    • Type

      People don’t change. As stated in the game, I think papa is more about handling finances of RSD cos he is not really in Videos.

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