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    Most Influential PUA in 2011? Your Choice

    Last Year we asked you to vote for your favorite PUA in 2010. This year, instead of one vote, we are going to take your choices and do a 2nd blog post with the 10 top votes and the 10 worst votes. Make your voices heard!..read

    Guest Posts

    2 Girls and…1 Really Good Pick Up Artist

    Lots of guys learn game, but few of them really understand the underlying principles and how to apply it. Recently, I got in touch with a local bay area artist and his game is off the charts. Unlike well known instructors like Tyler Durden and Myster..read

    Dating 101

    How to get a girl to like you

    Written by AlphaWolf Ah. Attraction. Isn't it nice to be liked by the opposite sex? For guys, we are attracted girls way too easily. Any decent looking girl that catches our eye, and we'll turn our heads like a pack of hyenas. But what about a ..read

    Dating 101

    How to get a girlfriend

    Written by AlphaWolf First of all, before I give you the process and principles of getting a girlfriend, you must be careful about what you wish for. Getting a girlfriend comes with it relatively constant sex, but it also involves responsibilities..read

    Guest Posts

    How to hypnotize hot girls for Pick Up Artists

    Written by Vince Lynch, Master Hypnotist There’s huge misconceptions about hypnosis & NLP in the pick-up world. I constantly get emails about inner game, asking whether I can help people therapeutically so that they are better at their game...read