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    The 12 Best PUA Movies and PUA Characters

    Every year we find ourselves with newer and cooler movies. Romantic Comedy alone generates billions of dollars a year in revenues. But what of movies from the past? Here are my 12 favorite movies that portray iconic characters who fit the PUA / seduc..read


    PUA Lingo Master Interview Series: Kurt Spelling

    I am very pleased to present this video from Kurt Spelling. One of the few guys who focuses on being congruent in yourself, his philosophy is a pure parallel to The Tao of Steve. Full of zen and tao philosophy, Kurt shares with me his methods for bri..read

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    What Pick Up Artists Do

    Here's our take on the popular "What people think I do" meme that's spreading over the web, for pick up artists: (Click on picture for full-size image) Just a friendly reminder from PUA Lingo to take some time from your online learning and go o..read

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    Richard La Ruina Releases “The Natural”

    If you've been in the game for a while, you've probably already heard of Richard La Ruina aka Gambler, one of the top pick up artists in the world and the founder of PUA Training, the premier pickup company in the UK. Today he is releasing his lat..read

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    On Freedom

    Whatever your stance is on the PUA community, one thing is clear: we seek the knowledge to be free from our fears with women and relationships. To me, this journey started years ago and continues to this day. For you, this exciting quest may have sta..read


    PUA Lingo Master Interview Series #7: The Craigslist Conquerer

    How Hook Up With Girls Consistently Via Craigslist This interview sat on my desktop for over 30 days, as I hesitated to release the knowledge inside. After I got Aaron's personal offer to help me as a coach on automating this system, I figured kar..read

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