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    The Benefits of Mirror Neurons for a PUA

    The Benefits of Mirror Neurons for a PUA Written by Pick Up Artist Robert King from PUA Method When the body performs an action a motor command neuron in the front part of the brain will be triggered.   For instance if you were to sit on a

    Guest Posts

    The Direct Street Approach – The How To Guide

    Guest Article written by Robert King from The most important part of the Direct Street Approach is the initial approach itself.  All of the PUA’s value is carried in his sub communications and any genetic value the PUA


    Episode 12. Roosh V. “Bang!” Author Q&A

    Roosh V. explained to me that he's most efficient via email due to his travels, and prefers writing to video interviews. In his own style of efficiency and clarity, he answers some of our most pressing questions. Comment below if you want Roosh to


    Honorary PUAs

    Quick Definition: Characters and celebrities who are not officially in the seduction community and yet share the PUA moniker because of the similarity and effectiveness of their own seduction techniques. Full Definition: Honorary PUAs are


    Episode 11. Hydro on Online Dating Secrets

    In this episode we talk about: The Casanova Crew and who they are Girls in Southern California and if they are hot Online Dating secrets Race issues in online Dating Getting the number from messages, and pushing for the date How to

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