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    PUA Lingo is the largest dictionary of PUA terms, acronyms, and jargon on the Internet. We help define the language of the pick up and seduction community. Explore and learn the secret language of seducers!

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    Handling Shit Tests and Building Attraction

    Guest post by Love Systems DaxxHey guys Daxx here, Got an email from Casual to write a guest post on here, and while I was at the PUA Summit this year I had a few guys asking me ‘How Do You Pass Shit Tests?’ I was going to post this on my blog..read

    Guest Posts

    How To Arrange First Meetings With A Woman

    Guest post by Scot McKay of X & Y CommunicationsHere it is: I think men’s dating and seduction advice in general focuses WAY too much on the pickup stage.Don’t get me wrong. I get it. If you don’t actually MEET women, then there’s not muc..read

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    A new term for leading women

    Guest Post by dating instructor I'm generally against using pickup jargon and acronyms with my students -- even the ones associated with my company. Yup, I'm one of those guys. But as I hear men describe their problems with women, there..read

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    Charming Geek Interview

    We just posted another awesome podcast over at the SeductionList, this time with Dan, a former head instructor at Charisma Arts and the founder of The Charming Geek. We went over a lot of great material in the podcast, including how to build your con..read

    Guest Posts

    Audio Interiew Series: DJ Fuji (Tao of Fuji)

    I was lucky enough to get in touch with DJ Fuji of Tao of Fuji. Fuji is a former Mehow instructor and currently keeps a blog at Tao of Fuji. We discussed so many things in the session, and I am very excited to bring this interview to you guys. Fuji a..read

    Guest Posts

    Troy Dizon Interview on the SeductionList

    AlphaWolf just dropped an awesome interview with Troy Dizon of the Troy Dizon Dating company on our sister site, the SeductionList. Troy is a natural who discovered the seduction community and developed his own unique style of pickup that focuses on ..read


    New PUA Directory Site: SeductionList

    AlphaWolf and I have been hard at work over the past few months, gathering and writing definitions for PUA Lingo, and we now have nearly 30 definitions set to publish over the next few weeks, which will bring the total number of terms on our site clo..read

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