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    Dating 101

    Escaping The ‘Friend Zone’

    Guest post by David Black You've known this one girl for quite a while, you get on really well, you have a laugh and joke together and feel like you can talk about anything.You really like this girl (in that way), and you try to 'make a move' on

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    Anti-Slut Defense

    Guest post by RedpoleQAnti-Slut Defense is any action a girl takes to shut down sexual escalation, often suddenly and quite opposite to her previous behavior. Often by breaking a sexual mood through sudden, often irrational, inexplicable verbal or


    500. Life Coaches. Seduction Mansion.

    500500. That is a lot of freaking posts. I still remember the day Casual and I sat in my room, with sheets of paper, pickup books and Internet pages will staring at us in their purest forms and definitions. Since then, we have launched in 2009 with

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    Handling Shit Tests and Building Attraction

    Guest post by Love Systems DaxxHey guys Daxx here, Got an email from Casual to write a guest post on here, and while I was at the PUA Summit this year I had a few guys asking me ‘How Do You Pass Shit Tests?’ I was going to post this on my

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    How To Arrange First Meetings With A Woman

    Guest post by Scot McKay of X & Y CommunicationsHere it is: I think men’s dating and seduction advice in general focuses WAY too much on the pickup stage.Don’t get me wrong. I get it. If you don’t actually MEET women, then there’s not

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    A new term for leading women

    Guest Post by dating instructor I'm generally against using pickup jargon and acronyms with my students -- even the ones associated with my company. Yup, I'm one of those guys. But as I hear men describe their problems with women,

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