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    Dating 101

    Who, What, Where?

    How to Respond when a Girl doesn’t Remember You Guest post by Rob Judge It's Monday afternoon. You scroll through your phone about to “play the numbers,” meaning you’re about to text all the girls you met over the weekend. Some girls

    Guest Posts

    3 Elements to Draw a Woman Into Your World

    The power of Troy Dizon Dating's teachings is that they were derived by watching naturals who had never consciously tried to develop a method of picking up women.  They were discovered by Troy after going out over and over again, meeting dozens of

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    PUA Lingo Master Interview Series #3: Kezia Noble

    This week we have an exclusive interview with Kezia Noble, an instructor for PUA Training and the world's leading female pickup instructor. Some of the juicy topics covered in the interview: Kezia tells us about her experience day-to-day as a

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    The Truth About Routines by DJ Fuji

    Guest post by DJ Fuji Routines, scripts, lines, things to say. Some love ‘em, some hate ‘em, nearly everyone misunderstands them.For those who are unfamiliar with the term, a routine is simply something that you tend to say more than once.

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    The Perfect Time to Pick Up by Johnny Wolf

    Hey guys, this is a guest post exclusively for PUA Lingo by Johnny Wolf, Senior Instructor for The ABC's of Attraction and co-founder/co-host of the PUA Summit The Perfect Time to Pick Up:Timing is everything, and that is especially true when it

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    Confidence Verus Techinque

    Hey guys Preston Blain here from over at Social Masters. My pal Casual asked me to write a guest post and here I am :-)To start this post I have a question for you. Would you rather have a huge array of techniques at your disposal but little

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    Stealthy Kino Moves

    Guest post by Anders Tryka Hi guys Anders Tryka here,Casual has been following my blog Powerful Connections for some time and suggested that I write a guest post or two for PUA Lingo and since a lot of my blog and e-book readers have been asking

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