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    PUA Lingo is the largest dictionary of PUA terms, acronyms, and jargon on the Internet. We help define the language of the pick up and seduction community. Explore and learn the secret language of seducers!

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    The PUA Linker Tool

    Do you have a PUA blog? Ever wonder if you can skip the long explanations for PUA terminology with a hyperlink so that the newbies can find out for themselves what “IOI” means if they are unsure?We have some good news for you! The New PUA

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    Sex and Dating in the Big City, 24/7 Attractive Style

    Do you live in a big city? Well if you do, then you're in luck. You can date many, many attractive women by increasing your awareness with this article. Big Cities usually have more interesting things to do on a daily basis versus smaller ones.

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    How to Approach Women

    It's happened to all of us before: we see a girl, we are attracted to them, and we want to figure out how to go say 'Hi' in a way that will melt her heart and her nether regions. You walk up to her, your knees shaking, and you freeze. Nothing

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    Asian Dating Superstars

    Hi guys, I came across Ryker when he was putting together Asian Dating Superstars. He interviewed Asian PUAs about getting good with game and getting past a lot of the fallacies and pitfalls Asian guys come across when learning game. I declined the


    7 Most Common Mistakes Intermediate PUAs STILL make!

    Come on player! Show me what you've got! Hey gang, Long time no see. I want to talk about a big topic that no one seems to be discussing. DJ Fuji once said that 90-95% of the students that first start learning game drop out within a year because

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    The 7 Most Useful Examples of Pickup Jargon

    My last article for PUA Lingo seemed to prove popular. Strange as it was giving lingo a jab to the kidney area :-) So, to balance the universe, I thought I should share my favourite pua lingo terms. Stuff that I think helps, rather than hinders guys

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