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  • Over Negging

    By on February 5, 2013

    Quick Definition: Usually refers to a newbie or intermediate PUA who teases the girl a little too much over her and the group’s social comfort zone.

    Full Definition:

    Over-negging stems from the newbie not feeling like he’s good enough for the girl. His perceived social value is lower, and he perceives her to have higher value. Therefore a neg can bring her down a bit. This older game mentality assumes that in a night club, the man who approaches automatically has lower value. While there is some truth to that,  a newbie who doesn’t understand when to stop can easily over tease a girl to the point of no return.

    This happens sometimes because the newbie is nervous. Or, when he gets good response from the neg, and therefore thinks that this is the way to go all the time. Sometimes the PUA literally has nothing better to say, and will say somewhat mean things to get a reaction. In essence this type of game behavior is reaction seeking and supplicative. In Keys to the VIP, PUA and host Peaches says, “Newbies use negs, masters don’t need them”. This is true. A great seducer automatically assumes higher value.


    A girl will retaliate or completely turn off if she feels insulted or teased too much without justification, a result of over-negging

    If you are in a situation where the girl clearly thinks highly of herself, throw a neg or two out, and resume high status behavior because that is who you are. Do not fall into the trap of over-negging. The behavior of “negs” should never come from a place of insecurity. Rather, it should be like puppies play fighting – you’re teasing her out of playfulness and comradeship. Don’t be mean spirited in your journey to learn game.

    There are some exceptions whereby being mean gets a guy laid. “Asshole Game” is extremely hard to balance even for the most seasoned. This is because most people simply aren’t assholes, and acting like one isn’t easy. Even with the best asshole game naturals, the usually can’t help themselves and they mean well, but things always turn out badly. (Think Hank Moody from Californication). In the case of asshole game, over-negging is a habitual process and somehow the player can turn it around to his advantage. He will, however, usually attract girls who are drawn to the negative as well.

    Example of Triumph insulting Jay Leno, usually very kind to his guests a little too much. Jay finally says “shut up!” before resuming composure


    Why are you over negging her when she’s complimenting you?

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