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  • Neg Opener

    By on October 6, 2012

    Quick Definition: An opener that itself contains a neg (backhanded compliment) intended to bring the girl down a notch, delivery in a playful manner.

    Full Definition:

    A neg opener is a powerful opener type. It quickly subcommunicates several things:

    • You are not afraid to potentially offend her
    • Right off the bat, you lowered her value playfully
    • You are displaying wit and intelligence (if opener is good and delivered properly)
    • A good neg, should result in laughter, so a good neg opener will make her laugh
    A neg opener is also a risky move, and those who cannot handle recovery game will un-rattle and perhaps incur the wrath of the bitch shield of mother hen. In most cases, girls in neutral or good moods will see it as a playful jest. However, a girl who is having a bad day may take offense to a neg opener. A person’s avatar and overall vibe and demeanor can greatly effect the chances of neg openers working. Russell Brand, for example, in his feminine and British accent, often delivery quirky and slightly neg-ful lines to the amusement of everyone.
    Examples of neg openers:
    • You are so…. in my way! (Pause). I jest. So who are you?
    • You’re so cute! (Pet her head) Can you do tricks?
    • ME: [after girl bumps into me] Whoa, if you wanted to meet me, you could just say Hi.
    • Your hair is so fine, kind of like the mane of a fine stallion
    • Hey look! It’s the Powerpuff girls / Spice girls!
    An example of Chelsea Handler and Russell Brand negging each other for the upper hand:


    So how much did you pay all these guys to stand next to you?

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