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  • Natural Game

    By on December 27, 2008

    Quick Definition: In contrast to structured game, natural game teaches a more free flowing, improvisational type of game. Zan, Juggler, and Richard La Ruina are examples of gurus that teach a more natural seduction method.

    Full Definition: Natural game still follows some guidelines, but is less structured than methods such as MM in its approach. Natural game focuses more on vibe, intent, charisma, and the flow of the interaction, breaking the seduction down from inner game to outer game. Natural game focuses less on canned material and routines, and more on developing fundamental skills such as connecting with women on an emotional level, communicating authentically, and building a solid inner game. Natural game also tends to favor direct game over indirect methods of pickup, although this does vary depending on the situation. It is important to note that, even in natural game, there is usually some sort of structure to pickup, even if it is highly improvised and personalized to the individual PUA. In the end, all mPUAs have a blend of both natural and structured game, although the exact blend varies from PUA to PUA.

    Tim and Jeffy natural game parody:

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    • Natural Game is the game you should use. Don’t be a creapy guy. Be a REAL cool guy. And most of all. Just have FUN ;)

    • natural game means that virgin losers naturally don’t get laid and their genes get weeded out of existence

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