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    By on February 1, 2013

    Quick Definition: Misdirection is a technique originally conceived in magic shows in which the attention of an audience is focused on one thing in order to distract its attention from another key element of the trick. In pick up, it refers to diverting a woman’s conscious attention to the objectionable parts of seduction so that we can be charmed by the seducer.

    Full Definition:

    Examples of misdirection about in the stories of seduction. Playful misdirection is mostly used in the art form due to socially accepted conventions of sexuality, even to this very day. Examples of misdirection in today’s pick up community include giving the group your attention and negging the hottie in the group, so that she wants to win back the attention (Mystery method).

    There is also the play on role reversal: “If I wasn’t gay I’d be all over you right now”. Being gay apparently lowers her guards towards kino escalation and being friendly with the PUA, which other girls can misconstrue as a boyfriend girlfriend situation. Here’s an hilarious example of Neil Patrick Harris playing himself on Harold and Kumar:

    Play on role reversal and NPH being gay:

    Another element of misdirection involves pointing the girls attention onto something else, such as talking randomly about the scenery and then looking at the horizon, meanwhile, making a smooth escalation into touching her shoulder. Richard La Ruina touches upon this as “stealth escalation” – testing and seeing if she complies with the tiniest little touch and then moving on from there. He explains, “the escalation is so small that she is not consciously aware of your moves, and if she does object to it, we will know if very quickly by her moving her legs or body away”.

    In methods of “indirect game”, misdirection can refer to playing the host and not directly hitting on anyone. Or, gently flirting with everyone. When done correctly, this allows the host of a party to easily test which girls are into him first, and then make his escalation from there.

    swordfish hugh jackman halle berry

    In the movie Swordfish, several plots of misdirection takes place involving the main protagonist, Stan (Played by Hugh Jackman)


    Misdirection is a key element of getting girls who are already here with other guy friends.

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