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  • Master Pick Up Artist (mPUA)

    By on January 23, 2009

    Quick Definition: A PUA that has gained great skillfulness and knowledge in the art of pickup and seduction.

    Full Definition:

    Definitions for mPUAs differ, but all recognize that the PUA has options and has developed the skill set (and lifestyle) to have sex whenever he wants with different women of quality.

    There is some debate on whether the art of the cold approach is required for true mastery, or whether there is a merit in building a sustainable lifestyle based on one’s foundations. In either cases, most PUAs agree that a PUA pilgrimage or “journey” is required for self discovery and that by looking into a woman’s face, one ultimately sees himself. (Plato: the feeling of love is the ability to see parts of God in another human being.)

    An mPUA is also familiar with the struggles and challenges of life’s paradoxes, particularly those pertaining to game. For example, are women truly required for happiness? We spend our lives chasing them. On the other hand, can one truly be happy with oneself without women? Doesn’t that defy the very nature of who we are as men? (Thus the saying, “Women: Can’t live them, can’t live without them.”) Inherent paradoxes also occur in the skill area of focus of mPUAs. Some, like Mystery, spend years mastering the cold approach art form, where ultimate choice is possible based on meeting and progressing a relationship with a complete stranger. Others, like Style and Masters, focus on building social circles, which ultimately attract girls to them. Both methods work, and it is in the balancing of these paradoxes that the mPUA finds his own personal experience in the game.

    Mystery defines an mPUA as “5 for 5″—that is, the mPUA can go into 5 random sets, and, in all 5, progress the interaction to a full close. (Some exceptions are made for married women, though not always.) Every mPUA has at some point gone through a time in their lives where they lived in a large city and approached many sets as cold approaches. This is the journey that a PUA must make in order to garner to experience that is required for calibration a mastery level, and the experience to find one’s own identity by connecting with others.

    True mastery of any art takes many years, and this is also true for pickup artistry.

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    Source: Mystery

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