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  • James Franco to play Mystery in The Game Movie

    By on January 9, 2012

    There have been rumors on-and-off about Neil Strauss (aka Style)’s 2005 novel The Game being made into a movie, and it looks like the project is finally moving forward.

    James Franco Mystery PUA

    According to news sources, the movie adaptation of The Game may be coming to theaters as early as 2013, with 2009’s “Sexiest Man Living” James Franco playing the part of Erik Von Markovik, aka Mystery. The movie is directed by Brian Koppelman and David Levien, and will be produced by MGM.

    With big name actors like James Franco involved, this movie could really take the PUA phenomenon mainstream, even more so than VH1’s The Pickup Artist reality TV series. That show brought a wave of new guys into the seduction community, and the new movie should have a similar if not more significant impact. It will be interesting to see how the movie turns out, and how it will impact the pickup world.

    In the meantime, if you run a lot of scripted game, you might want to get busy running your canned routines, because by next year, girls all over the world will have heard them all on the big screen from mouth of Mr. Franco himself.

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    • Never Shaken

      “Neil Strauss (aka Style)’s 1995 novel The Game” Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think it came out in September of 2005.

    • Lodge

      Cool, can’t wait!

    • FastPUA

      I feel like they are going to screw this up in typical Hollywood fashion. Might as well make a sequel to Hitch!

    • gonna blow the difference between routines/material and natural game even wider.

    • I’d watch it.

    • This is long overdue.But I’m curious as to what the focus of the movie would be.Would it be on game/how to pick up,or basically a narrative on the book(more drama than pick up).

    • It could be a nice movie. But the same rumour was running 4 years ago.

    • player

      They’re gonna screw it up, for sure. pickup is still a new phenomenon in many parts of the world. And with this, girls all over the world will knit their bitch shields intact, making things more difficult for the layman or a beginner.

      • I kinda agree with you Player.Same as some ppl thinking that the Game book messed it up for some guys.

    • Any word on this thing?

      • Nope haven’t had any news other than the script is being green lit and rewritten since 2012

    • I kinda knew this was a fluke in a sense. I knew this movie wasn’t gonna materialize. Would’ve been good though.

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