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    By on January 30, 2013

    Quick Definition: Characters and celebrities who are not officially in the seduction community and yet share the PUA moniker because of the similarity and effectiveness of their own seduction techniques.

    Full Definition:

    Honorary PUAs are guys who are in nature seducers, however they may not have entered via the seduction community. Some common honorary PUAs who are mentioned often on the pick up forums include:

    • Tucker Max – for his outrageous and asshole ways with women, chronicles on his blog
    • Russell Brand – a gifted rockstar/comedian, and formerly married to Katy Perry
    • George Clooney – GQ and class all the way, a true ladies man
    • Seth Green – a friend of Neil Strauss, and an actor who gets girls despite his height, a common friend of the PUA community
    • David Spade – another short actor who pulls mad tail, both David and Seth have been featured as seducers on the HBO show Entourage
    • Cast of Entourage – a male fantasy of Hollywood, women, and the life that entails
    • Hank Moody – fictional, from Californication, the manwhore writer who charms his way out of trouble

    the cast of Entourage

    Example of Hank Moody in action

    Example of Russell Brand on The View, seducing the women

    Example of the guys rating girls on Entourage


    n/a – giving respect

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    • Gotta disagree with most of this list. These guys don’t need to use any seduction skills. Most of them are famous celebrities. They can use their status to pull women.

      Also, when in comes to Hank Moody (a fictional character), whenever I watch Californication, the scenes about him seducing (or rather many times being seduced) are just fictitious. Many times he does NOTHING and the women throw themselves at him. This is not reality. It’s still cool to watch and to have that sort of guy-hero that gets the ladies I guess, but that dude wouldn’t be having chicks throw themselves at him left and right without having to do a little work here and there to make it happen.

      • Good observation. Hank is semi famous as a writer (fictionally) and he deals with the girls quite well but you’re right – they HIT on him. The way he handles it though it worth watching for lessons. But yeah, I wouldn’t use Hank Moody to learn approaches.

        If you read Russell Brand’s Wooky Book autobiography he got girls before he was famous with this mannerisms and jokes. It just got crazy after he became famous

        • Ya – He (Russel B) seems like the type. Humor can go a long way. I’m not even tall or good looking but my charm can most definitely go a long way to getting the girls naked.

          Also, I bed David Spade pulls ass because of the same humor. However, you’re missing a few guys if you want to go the celebrity route.

          Jeremy Piven I guess is a PIMP. He’s been reported to walk around a club and make out with a few different girls and then walk out carrying some chick.

          “…was spotted the other night at 12:30 a.m. at Rose Bar with “a super-pretty African-American” girl. Then on Saturday, he took “a gorgeous blond date” to the New York Rangers season opener at Madison Square Garden.”

          “…He collected a lot of numbers,” said a source. “Later that night, he was texting two different models he picked up separately, telling each, ‘Come meet me.’ He had no clue they knew each other and were laughing about the identical messages.”

          and then there’s Benicio Del Toro who apparently has just recently retired.

          “The Sin City star earned a reputation as a stud after he was linked to a string of beautiful women – including actresses Scarlett Johansson and Heather Graham – but he insists he’s given up his wild ways.

          He tells Britain’s Loaded magazine, “That was in my younger days. I think I’ve calmed down a bit. I haven’t had the best track record in terms of relationships because I’m into doing my own thing. That’s not easy for some women to understand, but there’s always a certain amount of pleasure that comes with the chase.”

          Another article I once read said he was well known for pulling chicks to the bathroom a lot.

          • I think the chase is fun and so is sitting down and committing and building a rewarding relationship. Each phase of life is different, that’s what makes it so interesting

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