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  • Gunwitch Method (GWM)

    By on December 21, 2008

    Quick Definition: A method of pickup, developed by Gunwitch, that ignores indirect game and focuses on accepting the fact that women want sex as much as men, then getting women into a sexual state through non-verbal communication.

    Full Definition:

    GWM is one of the original methods of pickup that traces its origins back to the days of ASF. The Gunwitch Method is a very direct method of pickup, that concentrates mostly on communicating sexual intent by getting into a sexual state. However, while the GWM is direct in its approach, it can also be considered indirect in that the PUA does not directly verbally convey his sexual interest:

    “You WANT them to ‘smell your agenda’ of wanting sex, this is a GOOD thing, as long as it isn’t verbalized. This is what women call a ‘subtle confident man'” – Gunwitch.

    Gunwitch is also one of the first PUAs to explore a general formula for natural good looks vs. effort and how this breaks down on the average physical beauty of the women you will close.

    A core foundation of GWM is the understanding of “sexual state” and how to control this from the beginning of a set to a full close. There are only two outcomes with GWM, rejection or a lay. As Gunwitch would say, “make the ho say no.”

    As one of the earliest PUA methods, the Gunwitch method does not have much of a structure and is not as fully developed as other methods, such as the Mystery Method. It is more of a general guideline for how to approach pickup. The Gunwitch method was recently rebranded as the “Way of Gun,” which takes the original method and develops it further.

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    Source: Gunwitch

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