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  • Group Theory

    By on December 21, 2008

    Quick Definition: Understanding the social dynamics of a group in order to get to a target within the group or to win over the group for social proof.

    Full Definition:

    Group theory basically applies to any set with more than one person. A 2 set of two girls requires group theory. A mixed 2 set requires the PUA to quickly identify their relationship based on body language and conversation. 3 sets, 4 sets, 5 sets, and bigger groups all have different group dynamics.

    Different methods and tactics have been developed for the various possible group combinations in the community. In general:

    1 set girl – lone target – watch for interference

    2 set girls – engage friend, befriend, isolate, or ask wing to help with 2nd girl, or, maybe pull 3some

    3 set girls – 2 other girls will talk to each other, while the PUA isolates one of the girls

    3 set 2 girl 1 guy – determine the guys relationship with the girls, isolate target, AMOG or befriend as necessary

    4-8 mixed set – may require some experience to hold entire set

    7+ set – depending on situation and group personality, PUA may engage only part of a group and work his way around to a suitable target.


    Group theory comes into play in all social gathering situations.

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