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  • Fool’s Mate

    By on December 21, 2008

    Quick Definition: An easy f-close that happens without really gaming the target.

    Full Definition:

    In chess, a fool’s mate is when one places an opponent in checkmate in just two moves. The fool’s mate is thus aptly named because it only occurs if the opponent plays extraordinarily weakly. In chess, this rarely happens, even amongst beginners.

    In pickup, it is possible to obtain a fool’s mate via drunk targets who are alone, horny, and desperate. However the community does not consider this real game. A lay is a lay, but sleeping with a girl because of fool’s mate will not improve a PUA’s skill level. Also, the girl will likely be mad, or embarrassed at her own bad decision making. This guarantees that the sexual relationship does not last for more than one night. Masters are in this for the long run, or aim to develop multiple long term sexual and intimate relationships.

    Fool’s mate is what typical AFCs refer to as “getting lucky.”


    I didn’t even have to run any game to fclose that blonde last night. It was fool’s mate.

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  • One Comment

    • bacon

      It would be helpful if you actually published a game with the fool’s mate, although it is well known.

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