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  • Find/Fuck Ten Other Women (FTOW)

    By on December 20, 2008

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    Quick Definition: Going out, finding, and having sex with ten different women as a way to get over a breakup.

    Full Definition:

    “Go fuck ten other women, and see how you feel about her” is common advice in the PUA community for guys who are having oneitis and are stuck on a woman from a past relationship. The phrase is generally not taken literally, as it would take a lot more skill than newbies typically have to actually go out and sleep with ten women; however, the idea is go out and meet other women as a way of getting over a past love.

    While not every PUA agrees with this methodology, the underlying reasoning behind FTOW is to create an “abundance” mentality rather than obsessing over a single woman. Meeting and sleeping with other women can help put a failed relationship in perspective and show that there are other women out there. Chasing after new women can help you forget about your old one, and the companionship of new women can help soothe the pain of an old flame.

    It’s important to note that FTOW works best with women who are the same attractiveness as the one that you were stuck on. Going dumpster diving for UGs may sate a PUA’s immediate sexual needs, but can actually make him feel worse, as it can damage his self confidence. So the actual phrase should be amended to “Find/Fuck Ten Other (Attractive) Women.”


    You should FTOW to get over your ex.

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    • Yes, making love to 10 other women may help you lick your wounded heart. But, what if you find that after the ten you you just said good-bye to the ultimate – oops. Still, I would certainly say it is worth the risk.



    • Yes, by all means, please use protection. The idea is to overcome being stuck on other women by experiencing the company of other women, giving you a perspective you may have lost being in a long time relationship.

    • excellently bowdlerized… as the online dating gurus say, these are deff not hard and fast rules…that’s for sure…

    • This site and the terminology is so fun to read. You really have some good advice for the boys here. I will refer some of my guy friends here. I think you will have them hooking up in no time! Nice work.

    • vathsady

      i want to get with girl who’s beautiful now in attapeu lao

    • Vinay

      i wont to fuck a beautiful girl……

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