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  • Episode 12. Roosh V. “Bang!” Author Q&A

    By on February 4, 2013

    Roosh V. explained to me that he’s most efficient via email due to his travels, and prefers writing to video interviews. In his own style of efficiency and clarity, he answers some of our most pressing questions. Comment below if you want Roosh to answer more questions from our PUA Lingo readers. His personal blog is here.
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    Here you go. Let me know if you have more…

    Q: You recently did a post called “15 Factors That Determine If A City Is Great For Men” which was amazingly similar to my own method of deciding where to live next. Which American city would you consider to best for a single man? What are your thoughts on San Diego, Miami, and San Francisco?

    I’m pretty ignorant when it comes to American cities. I have no motivation to travel through them or explore, but if I had to pick a city to stay forever it would probably be Miami or New York City. They seem to have the hottest girls on the East Coast.

    Q: What your honest thoughts about the current American and worldwide feminist movement?

    All movements hit a peak and I think this is happening with feminism. Their influence will start to degrade as more men take the “red pill” and push back on their views. What I’m more concerned about is obesity and the effects of technology in making girls more unattractive and flakey.

    Q: Are you traveling most of the year? Which countries you find the most enjoyable in terms of beautiful women? In terms of getting laid the easiest?

    I combine travel with staying in a city for 1-3 months at a time. My favorite countries were Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Croatia, Colombia, and Brazil. These are all countries that I’d return to because the women were pretty and feminine. The easiest countries to get laid in is Iceland, Norway, and Finland. The girls drink a lot and don’t mind taking a random man home.

    Q: How do you deal with haters regarding your “stereotype” opinions of certain women of regions or countries you’ve been in?

    I love haters because they do a great job of spreading my work on Twitter, Facebook, and forums. It’s free marketing for me.

    Q: What’s your score? Do you even keep count anymore?

    Hold on let me check my spreadsheet and get back to you. :)

    Q: What are some tips for guys to travel light and efficiently?

    I don’t travel light and efficiently. I travel with multiple pairs of shoes, jeans, and blazers. My main luggage is so big that I often have had to pay overweight charges. Traveling light and efficiently is great if you want to backpack in hostels. But if you want to look good and meet girls, why not look your best?

    Q: How you make friends in a new country knowing nobody? Do you just game girls or do you make guy friends? How you deal with the loneliness and inevitably may creep in after weeks of traveling alone?

    My problem is that traveling has made it very difficult to make guy friends. Usually I just go out alone and pickup, but after a couple years this does get boring and you wish you had a good wingman with you. I think guys won’t have this problem if they pick one city and stay a while to build a social circle, but if they hop around like I have, they have to accept that they will be lonely and maybe even lose some friends.

    Q: Describe your type of game and how you might do a 1 night pull

    These days I’m lazy so I put most of my game work into logistics. I get a nice apartment near the center, with a goal to be within 5 minutes walking distance from the best club. There I approach girls who are alone or separated from their friends. I move aggressively with touching and kissing to screen out girls who don’t want to have sex the same night. Sometimes it feels like playing the lottery. I try my best not to go on dates.

    Q: What are you working on now? Where can guys find more about your book and your current work?

    I’m working on a short memoir about my one month return in America. I also started a new site called Return Of Kings (http://www.returnofkings.com). Guys can always check out my blog at http://www.rooshv.com to check out my main game writing and books.

    Q: Do you offer private coaching, and how does that work?

    I used to when I was in Washington DC because I had a lot of venues where I could set up a nice program, almost like an assembly line. But it was a lot exhausting work and for me it’s more efficient to write books that could reach thousands than workshops that only reach one or two guys at a time.

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    • So basically this guy is using what Mystery always referred (back in the day) to as going after the Lone Wolf.

      Nothing wrong with that, though… ;)

    • @Ronnie- From Roosh’s other posts on his site, he doesn’t seem to solely go after lone wolves.

      @Alpha Wolf- Nice questions too. You didn’t ask questions which were safe per say.

      • Yeah Roosh didn’t want to do audio or recording because he’s constantly moving around so I could only email him 10 questions

    • @Alpha Wolf- Check your Facebook inbox, I sent you a message about some linkage.

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