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  • End-Game

    By on May 3, 2010

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    Quick Definition: The third and final stage of courtship in the M3 seduction model.

    Full Definition:

    End game is a term coined by Mystery. This phase encompasses getting into a seductive mood. You also need a location for sex. ASD, Token Resistance, Freeze-Out, and LMRs all fall into this category. Some PUAs argue that, with solid game, there is no need for anti-ASD or LMR tactics. Nonetheless, many men fall short in end game because either the time frame to sex is too short, or they show incongruence in the identity they portrayed of who they really are. Because biological wires trigger danger sense in women prior to sex, and because she loses so much power after sex, understanding the dynamics of end game is very important.

    Many aspects of end game are related to pre-game and the beginning of game. Like an interview process, the reason an offer is made to a candidate has a lot to do with how he made the first impression with the partners of the firm. Similarly, if a natural artist is very congruent and genuinely connects with the girl from the very beginning, his end game should be just as strong and honest as his pre-game, and there is no such concept of end game because it is no longer a game, just a process that’s an extension of who he is. This idea falls into the category of “becoming natural” or “natural game.”

    End game also includes sex. This is an important area to master, and men who do have a significant advantage in the relationships have more success than men who do not. Although PUA Lingo does not directly dive into this topic, more on this topic can be learned.



    My end game sucks! Girl sleep on my bed but never have sex with me!

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    Source: MM

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    • I actually think end game is easiest IF you can get them there. Most guys who start out in this are so confident when they’re got through start and middle game for the first time that they just blast through end game.

    • Agree with Richard here. I’ve never personally struggled with LMR, as I just tend to have a natural flair for shaggin’ ;-)

    • I need to work on my end game i’ll read mystery’s books they will probably help me.

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