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  • Consistency

    By on December 27, 2008

    Quick Definition: The tendency that people have of remaining consistent to their past behavior.

    Full Definition:

    Consistency is an idea taken from psychology, which states that people often do whatever they can to appear to be consistent with their prior thoughts and actions. The more that people do a specific action, the more they become committed to it, and the less likely that they are do the opposite action, because that would make them appear inconsistent.

    The idea can be applied to many areas of pickup, but one of the most common is during kino escalation. When a PUA initiates kino with a casual touch, he establishes the precedence of himself being a man who communicates through touch. As he gradually escalates his kino, the woman complies with the increasingly personal kino because it would appear inconsistent of her to reject the PUA’s touch after she accepted all of his previous physical advances, so long as the kino escalation is gradual enough.

    By the time the PUA goes in for a kiss, the woman is committed to the idea of the PUA touching her, backwards rationalizing that she must like the PUA, since she’s allowed him to touch her up until that point.

    Consistency is a very powerful idea and, combined with techniques for building attraction and sexual tension, can be a powerful way to gain physical compliance from a woman and escalate sexually.


    A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.

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