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    Hey, welcome to my coaching page.

    You’re reading this page for a reason, and if I were to venture and guess, that reason is partly driven by pain, and partly by pleasure. Pain from the way things are and how unhappy you are with them, and pleasure from the small fire of hope that if you change and improve your life, things will become better.

    *** I am currently taking on students on a case by case basis, and will cap it at 5 max per month – if you are serious about working to improve your life, scroll down below***

    Let me explain how I may be able to help you.

    While I don’t believe in teaching guys a method or a system, my fundamentals were shaped by years of training using the original Mystery Method. Over the years, I have incorporated style, natural improv game and a more holistic approach to coaching guys. Eventually, I developed a whole new way of life that extends beyond “pua” world. My coaching therefore combines a structured, value based approach from MM, along with natural, holistic energy work to get guys up to speed on their social interactions. Over the past 7 years, I have coached guys and girls on their style mastery, culture integration (Asian guys), as well as helped guys get girlfriends and develop dating lives that were extremely satisfying.

    While every student is different, I believe there are 3 core fundamentals frameworks to developing a strong set of social skills:

    1. Structured Game (External)
    To me, the core principle of Mystery Method is the ability to garner attention, intrigue and implement a high level of calibration in social interactions where you can engage people without losing any social value. The key here is engagement, a lot of “artists” engage in a way that, if the interaction doesn’t go well, “lose” value and feel bad. I focus on developing high active engagement, without losing steam or perceived social value. What gets measured gets managed, and you are able to see consistent reactions from structure game, much like a comedian knows which jokes to tell to get which crowds to laugh. Structured game should only be learned by a guy who is already “natural” and somewhat socially adjusted. When it is learned by newbies without the proper social skills, it becomes very robotic, mechanical, and over-compensating.

    Training Method:
    I will use your personality to build a structured routine, and a default opener that you can use. For the rest of your life, if you are ever in a social situation, you will always have something to fall back on and say that expresses your personality. You will be able to socially navigate situations even when you “brain freeze” or don’t feel like socializing. It is like having a survival backpack of social skills – you’re always ready.

    2. Energy-based, natural expression of self (Internal)
    Identifying your core values, and diving deep into who you really are and what drives you (your MO), and then using that knowledge to develop a full expression of yourself is very freeing. When you can fully be yourself, and you know how to express that honestly and in a way that attracts the type of women you want in your life, you will feel a sense of exhilaration that is hard to match in this life.

    Training Method:
    I use improv, therapy work, and energy based exercises to identify your core issues. Once we identify your core beliefs, we can subsequently work on them and develop belief systems that are accurate, rooted in reality and also benefit you. We will then work on a natural type of game where you can express yourself in the moment, and still be attractive to both women and men that opens up social options for you in all sorts of ways.

    3. Style
    I believe that people who become “ICONs” have a certain “style”. A way of moving through the world. Without saying a word, you can express yourself in 1-3 seconds when you walk into a room. As you interact with the women of your choice, your image continually reinforces your real value and personality while you use your structured and natural game to smoothly move between social interactions. About 20% of guys have very bad style. 70% of guys have mediocre style, and only about 10% of guys have iconic style that gets them more social benefits than the other guys out there. I will help you reach your maximum style potential.

    Training Method:
    To do this, we will be examining your current wardrobe. I will teach you the basic style principles like Style Attraction Switches, and we will design a style that suits your inner personality while getting you maximum social benefit. Unlike most style consultants, I do not recommend buying expensive brands, rather, I focus on maximum social value per dollar spent, and generally go for brands that are not super expensive but not super cheap, yet offer the most social value possible. I will also teach you how to thrift shop and get maximum social value from that, if you are on a budget.

    Why Are You Doing This Vince?
    Right now, I am taking on select students. I am not doing this for the money. In fact, a coaching business does not have the same leverage points as an internet marketing business (time specific, can’t make money while I sleep, and not scale-able). I am simple doing this because I realized that I have something I can offer to the world. I will be using a sliding scale for payments based on which students have the most need, and adjust payment accordingly. That said, my minimum hourly training rate is $50, otherwise it would be unfair to the people in my current online businesses.

    If you are interested, click below to apply for training with me.

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  • Enjoyed what you’ve read?

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