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  • Closing Awareness

    By on February 11, 2013

    Quick Definition: The ability of a PUA to sense when the window of opportunity is open for a full close.

    Full Definition:

    Don’t preach to the choir! is an expression often used to explain why there’s no need to sell someone who is already sold. Much like beating a dead horse or hind-sighting what we could have done at an event, closing awareness refers to not attracting or seducing the woman when she’s already ready to sleep with you. In fact, further “gaming” may make her change her mind about the PUA. Why would a salesperson still be selling me if I already agreed to buy the car? Is he socially not able to read the cues I’m giving? Is there something seriously wrong with the car that he’s worried about and therefore is overcompensating?


    Once a girl is ready, go in for the close, keeping in mind your long term objectives with that girl.

    Closing awareness also applies to the PUA’s overall reaction to the time of the night and the willingness of girls to go home with guys. The PUA who has great closing awareness can tell via body language and verbally in conversation which girls are DTF, and which ones require a little more work. As always, there will be the girls who won’t go home with you no matter what that night.

    Closing awareness can be honed the more a PUA gets to sleep with a girl, and also from rejection or mistakes made that prevent him from doing so. Those of us that let an open lay go to waste especially with HBs will remember the pain for a long time.


    Max’s game isn’t that strong in terms of calibration, but he’s got great closing awareness at bars.

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