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  • Cliff’s List

    By on January 22, 2010

    cliffs list

    Quick Definition: Clifford, who hails from Canada, was the original creator of an online seduction list in 1998. He recorded and marketed the first PUA summit convention that featured instructors from all over the world speaking about their philosophies and techniques.

    Full Definition:

    Cliff was the first innovator of the aggregate pickup instructor interviews. There has been many other conventions that has taken shape since, but he will always be remembered as the first. Cliff’s List is still in existence, and the website is maintained here.

    Related Terms: PUA Convention, mPUA, Guru, Professional PUA

    Source: http://www.cliffslist.com/

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    • PM

      Is the 21 Convention featured on here?

    • Nope that is a separate convention which I will write about soon.

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