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    “What if” Pain

    AKA Regret Pain Quick Definition: The accumulated pain of regret that comes from inaction over a few sets, or a longer…

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    1 Set / One Set

    Quick Definition: A girl who is out by herself or has been left alone by her friends for a considerable period…

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    Quick Definition: A method of keeping an interaction interesting by alternating between interest and disinterest at irregular intervals. Full Definition:…

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    2 Second Rule

    Quick Definition: The technique of pausing for two full seconds after someone has made a statement, to ensure that she…

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    2 steps forward, 1 step back

    AKA Push and Pull Quick Definition: The ability to temporarily retreat and take a loss in order to win big….

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    24/7 Attractive Man

    Quick Definition: The point when your social awareness is very sharp, your vibe is mastered, your sexualization is effortless, and…

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    3 Minute Rule

    Quick Definition:  The concept of avoiding sets that could be easily interrupted within the first 3 minutes. Full Definition: In…

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