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    Seduction Mind Hacks In Field Footage

    I don’t usually pitch other people’s products, unless they ads you see on the right and left side of content on PUA Lingo. Anyway, recently I found out that Seduction Mind Hacks is actually run by my local friends here in San Diego, who I run into at nightclubs so I’ve seen what they can do first hand. These guys have figured out how to pull efficiently and quickly. My douchey friend here John pretty much does it 200x over the last year:



    ===> You can checkout their funny in-field videos and angles here. Enjoy!

    (Disclaimer: Affiliate Link, Sexual NSFW Footage)

    My friend Josh talks about getting 9s and 10s during night game:

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    PUA Themes in Recent Movies (Kingsmen, 50 Shades Of Grey)

    KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE had a short scene where the agent recruits were required to each pick up a woman using the seduction training they received. The scene was at some night club, and all three agents swooped down on just this one girl, as they explained the concept of negging and so forth. It was the first time on film that I’ve seen/heard PUA concepts being explained. So its now apparent that PUA stuff has become a regular household thing in our modern society.


    The movie (no spoilers here) also paralleled the theme of the “gentleman” like in Great Expectations. Quote from the mentor:

    “Being a gentleman is not about being better than other people. It is about being better than your former self”

    As for 50 SHADES OF GREY, it was basically an instruction video on the female attraction mechanism. The main character, Christian Grey, basically demonstrated some qualities that drive women to intoxicating attraction. The only downside of all of this was that the actor who played Christian Grey looked a lot like Paul Janka, who is a scamming douchebag PUA coach.


    Guest Post By Gladiatorbattler

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    Master’s Interview #22: Zan Perrion

    One of my favorite dating coaches of all time came to speak with us this week. We talk about love, life, and most importantly, tactical advice on how to pick up girls. Enjoy the video!

    If you liked Zan and his concepts, leave a comment so we can invite him back!

    For more information on The Ars Amorata, checkout http://www.zanperrion.com/

    You can pickup a copy of The Alabaster Girl, one of the best books on natural game (in my humble opinion) here.


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    Interview With Adrian Rouzbeh (Phoenix Human Psychology)

    Over the weekend I caught up with martial artist and dating coach Adrian Rouzbeh from Germany to talk about:

    1. how is your game different
    2. tell us about the girls in your classes and how you train them
    3. what makes you a good “PUA”, do you consider yourself a PUA?
    4. how is dating different in germany vs. us
    5. do you have products / online courses, or is everything live / face to face?
    6. how important is style to a guy’s game?
    7. did you always have style sense or did you develop it
    8. growing up in Germany as a minority, what was that like
    9. what do you say to guys who say their race is limiting them to game
    10. what do you say to guys who say their bodies / self image is limiting their game
    11. tell us a bit about your game style
    12. what do you say to girls on the approach / open / and how to you transition
    13. is your game natural / structured

    Our full interview is here on YouTube:

    Pictures of Adrian and his school (martial arts and psychology)





    Interview With Justin Wayne: NYC Dating, Romance, In-Field Footage And Fake Footage Claims

    After all the “hot girlfriends of PUAs” fiasco, I caught up with Justin Wayne to talk about his game, his dating company (Justin Wayne Dating) and his response to any doubters.

    Justin Wayne is the first PUA in History to actually record the entire process from approaching hot girls on the streets to then make them his girlfriend… and then gets her to accept his other girlfriends…

    For more on Justin Wayne, checkout his coaching site right here.

    Here is our EPIC interview:

    Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

    In this interview we talk about:

    1. Archetype Game
    2. Romance vs. Sex
    3. Romance Connection
    4. Looking Good vs. Good Looking
    5. Dating as a minority
    6. Unconscious vs. Conscious Attraction
    7. “Maybe to No” Girls
    8. Tester Openers
    9. MTV Video and Aaron Sleezy Comments

    Justin’s video explaining how and why girls tattoo his name:

    More Pics of Justin Wayne:





    For more pictures of Justin Wayne, his girls, and tattoos of his name on girls, checkout:


    Alex From RSD Retires From RSD

    Amid the winter snow in Japan to foreshadow the cold and somewhat sad announcement, Alexander (from RSD) today announced his retirement from RSD and his new journey into the next chapter of his life. An executive coach since 2008, Alex has run bootcamps, hotseats, and posted tons of value-add videos on YouTube via his RSD channel. I have personally attended one of Alex’s hotseats [notes here], seeing him in Jeffy’s pink “Beast mode” T-shirt, his “natural instinct” method teaches guys that “you are good enough”, and this mentality seeps through in his students and those that study his principles.

    We will always remember Alex for his cool natural charisma and his “natural instinct” pickup method:alex rsd pua

    And his Finland adventures…

    alexander rsd hot girl

    And of course his award as a top coach on our list:alex rsd pua lingo

    Alex’s official announcement video:

    You can find more of Alex’s stuff at: https://www.facebook.com/TheNaturalInstinct and his YouTube channel here.


    Which PUAs Have Girlfriends You Actually Want To Bang?

    “Is that her butt, or her shoulders lol? I can’t tell. At least its shiny so you know she moisturizes”, so starts out a Facebook thread on a major private PUA Group.

    girl shoulder looks like butt

    Yep. Confirmed. Her chin line was far from that of a model, in fact, it was a fattie overhead photo! This started a chain-reaction in my brain that got me thinking: a lot of PUAs claim to “pull hot chicks”, but… “which PUAs actually pulls hot girls?”

    From Tom Torero, who recently got outed for paying for a girl to act on camera to kiss him and other claims, guys are starting to distrust hyper-goals and wild promises.

    The first girl I found attractive was of course watching Mystery’s in-field videos. The guy has pulled from stunner blondes and strippers. Perfect for my tastes. In his in-field videos, now only available via torrents, you can see him gaming beautiful girls (despite film being black and white).

    mystery pua2

    His recently baby-mama is no slouch either, despite the bad smoking habit, the girl is a certified hottie:


    Zan Perrion, founder and instructor at Ars Armorata, is surrounded by lovely girls. Mostly of European descent and girls he meets during his travels, Zan probably has the most devoted fan girls. They even made him a happy birthday YouTube video, with love from Romania.


    Johnny Wolf has mastered a system of consistently pulling hot European girls. Whether through his travels or his time spend in California, the guy has been with some of the cutest white girls I’ve seen. His smooth and friendly personality doesn’t hurt.
    Adam Lyons, now married to his girlfriend, picked her when he was at his peak, running the London social scene and club game and decided to settle down. Amanda is not only pretty but a sweet, intelligent girl to those who have met her in person.



    Nick Kho, the famous RSD Founder, married his longtime girlfriend in 2013.


    Beckster, the fun-loving player is always with beautiful women. His pictures portray a natural dude who just automatically attracts girls with ease


    James Matador, often seen in The Pickup Artist, is always seen with hotties all around. Rumored to even match Mystery during his peak, he pulls in girls like the Matador Mayhem.


    Mike SquattinCasanova, an up-and-comer in the field who used to pull hot Asian girls, is starting to be seen with cuter and hotter girls of all races:

    mike casanova

    mike casanova2

    Style, who broke ground with his best-seller book, “The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists”, married his longtime girlfriend in 2013, who’s a certified model and hottie:



    Honorable Mention: Luis Ramos

    I feel bad for the dude. He’s getting a lot of flak from the online trolls. The dude has some cute girls on his Facebook profile. He just needs to tone down his facial expressions, which can come across as a bit “hey look guys I just got this girl haha and you didn’t ” douchey:


    At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter, as long as you got the girl you wanted. Gambler’s Facebook post says as such:



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