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    Alex’s New 4 Week Natural (4WN)

    Are you Obsessed With The Best, when it comes to hot girls?

    Well, I’ve been obsessed with the best girls, the Victoria’s Secret models. But for a long time, I could not get them. Then I met Alex and his crew. For those of you who don’t know already, Alex left RSD over 2 years ago and started working on his own company, called 4 Week Natural. A few months ago, I started getting a sense of what he was up to when he posted videos with him, Eren, Ryan and now Bradicus. I especially paid attention when he said he’s retiring from pick up after this. A few years ago, I remember talking to Sinn and he also said the thing same, “Vince, after I turn 30 I’m out, this is my last product/marketing campaign”. And we haven’t heard from him since.

    I first met Alex in a hotel bar in San Francisco. He was there to present his new hot seat program, I forget the exact name I think it was “The Flawless Natural”. But I seem to remember that Tim (also from Australia) also had something similar. Anyway, Alex in person to me, was the nicest, alpha, warm guy. He talked to us like a real friend. He was wearing Jeffy’s Beastmode T-shirt. It happens to be a little too big and pink, and he made casual fun of that. I liked that he was supporting his RSD buddies.

    The thing that appealed to me the most was Alex idea that “you are enough”. Up to that point, I haven’t really understood the concept that seems so intrinsically part of every natural guy I’ve ever met, who never had to “learn game”.

    Over the years, I kept in touch with Alex, and his intro to Eren and Ryan really got me interested, because these guys, you can just tell from their videos, that they have this vibe about them, yet they could break down game in logical way that I could understand.

    The guy that really got me hooked was Eren. He just has this COOL vibe about him that I always wanted. And this guy had it, in spades. He also is the only coach who talks about real hot girls – REAL 9s and 10s, not just in marketing, but his mentality in terms of how he lands these girls. This video of him got me hooked.

    Lucky for me, Alex’s new coaching program encompasses an 18 module, 4 week breakdown of his and his instructors game in full. I managed to get a discounted link for you guys here. Enjoy!


    Discounted Link To Day Game Phone Game:
    ==> http://daygamephonegame.com/dgpg-facebook-special/?afmc=1i

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    Magic Mike PUA Lessons?

    Guest post by B.G.

    This is the sequel to the every-so-gossiped-about movie MAGIC MIKE, a film about the lives of fictional male strippers.  As with the previous film, this sequel attracted hordes of eager women that filled the theaters.  (According to box office mojo, $89M worldwide). There’s even groups of fans composed of of senior citizen women!  And two seats behind me was a senior citizen who even brought her husband to see this film!

    Disgusting notions of “old folks getting it on” aside, I strove to just enjoy the film.


    It was nice seeing a story of a bunch of guys involved in a profession that gets chicks almost worshipping them.  And the drama of how those same guys travel together, the dilemmas they face, the individual stories, etc.  And of course, the effect they have on women…both in the movie and with the real world audience!

    But what interested me the most was how psychologically accurate this film was designed, even more so than its predecessor.  The way the male strippers did their acts actually created real, deep attraction.  They did this by creating a fantasy for the women that had “space” allowances for imagination.  Each of the strippers’ acts gave women what they really wanted.  There was even one strip act that involved the stripper doing a mock wedding with one of the audience women, leading up to the honeymoon bondage sex scene.

    The attraction psychology was so accurate, that I heard some gals in the audience scream with intense ecstacy on more than one occasion.

    All of this is a far cry from the olden days of male strippers who just didn’t get it.  As dating coaches and sexperts today know, evoking deep attraction in women involves giving them to, as opposed to simply flashing flesh.

    MAGIC MIKE XXL showed the in-story audience women being made to feel like queens, being served and getting what they [think they] deserve.  Unlike us guys who can get off simply with some very well formed female stripper bodies, women require an all around approach in order to give the same (or more) level of intense temptation and mental stimulation as us guys get with nice breasts and ass.

    magic mike xxl

    I highly recommend any student of dating science to go see this film.  You can learn more about what women want from watching MAGIC MIKE XXL than you can from a Mel Gibson movie or some sappy 80’s flick.

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    Asian Rockstar Dating Launches!

    This project took me the accumulation of 1.5 years to accumulate, and I’m happy to share it with you this week!

    You can catch a preview video here

    Vince, what is ARD?

    what is ard

    Get a copy or ARD here before we remove all the bonuses after launch.


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    Game Sense Is LIVE for $3!

    From “No girl will ever like you and you will die ALONE” to rockstar status… 7 years. 7 unique game paradigms. 30 field tested lines. 10 in-depth videos.

    $3.00. Game Sense Is Now Live.

    Enjoy the $3 buffet:


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    PrankInvasion, IMHO: FAKE

    So it started out with me looking at a video Post by Movie2k. As I was watching it, I realized that girl looked really familiar. Upon further inspection, I do know her! It’s Ashley Mitchell from MTV’s Real World. Actually, I was friends with her way before her MTV stint.


    I then took a look at this guy’s channel. PrankInvasion on YouTube and saw some of his videos. I thought it was harmless fun. He’s just making out with a bunch of girls. But what is dangerous is that some guys are starting to take him seriously. This stuff bothers me, because anyone with basic pick up knowledge knows that what he’s doing is unrealistic. You don’t go up to girls, say “guess my name”, and then say, “you’re fucking adorable” and make out for 5 minutes straight. Upon further research, I found that Backwardshat already posted about his videos being totally fake.

    lace frontal

    What’s annoying is that this guy is basically making a living off his 1 million YouTube subscribers, based on a false reality. What’s more annoying is that guys are actually thinking this is real, and it further confuses them as to the legitimacy of pick up techniques.

    People claim “fake” shit all the time, like Vitaly’s makeout video and Simple Pickups video. The reason you never see them get “called out” is because, those girls ARE anonymous, and their pick up is real. Vitaly probably had to go through a lot of girls to find the 3 that would makeout with him, but he’s good at approaching girls and Simple Pickup is legit because I’ve seen Kong doing it in person in San Francisco with his buddies. Also, they don’t mind posting their lame pickups on film too.

    Don’t fall for all the in-field stuff you see. Get guys who are good to hangout and see them in person.


    Maybe It Was Lust At first Sight?

    In 2 weeks, we’ll be launching Seduce With Style 3.0 Live. It is a full course taught by me, Vince Lin, in module module format as well as really cool looking illustrations. SWS 3.0 LIVE includes specific, step by step instructions from me in illustrations, video and post format so that you can’t go wrong.

    Here’s a brief clip from one of our “demonstration” modules:

    Enjoyed the clip? Stay tuned for the 5 Free Sexy Lookbooks next week that’ll get you lust at first sight.

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    PUA Themes in Recent Movies (Kingsmen, 50 Shades Of Grey)

    KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE had a short scene where the agent recruits were required to each pick up a woman using the seduction training they received. The scene was at some night club, and all three agents swooped down on just this one girl, as they explained the concept of negging and so forth. It was the first time on film that I’ve seen/heard PUA concepts being explained. So its now apparent that PUA stuff has become a regular household thing in our modern society.


    The movie (no spoilers here) also paralleled the theme of the “gentleman” like in Great Expectations. Quote from the mentor:

    “Being a gentleman is not about being better than other people. It is about being better than your former self”

    As for 50 SHADES OF GREY, it was basically an instruction video on the female attraction mechanism. The main character, Christian Grey, basically demonstrated some qualities that drive women to intoxicating attraction. The only downside of all of this was that the actor who played Christian Grey looked a lot like Paul Janka, who is a scamming douchebag PUA coach.


    Guest Post By Gladiatorbattler

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