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  • Buyer’s Remorse

    By on December 15, 2008

    Quick Definition: An emotional condition whereby a woman feels remorse or regret after sleeping with a man.

    Full Definition:

    Originally coined in consumer purchase behavior, Buyer’s Remorse deals with cognitive dissonance—one will either reverse rationalize the decision, or come to truly regret it.

    In PU, Buyer’s Remorse happens when the game was not played properly, such as skipping comfort, gaming a drunk girl, or doing something that would otherwise jeopardize the long term sexual relationship with the girl beyond a ONS.

    PUAs generally consider Buyer’s Remorse bad game, as the goal should be to create a long term sexual relationship with the target.

    Some ways to alleviate Buyer’s Remorse are to build rapport after sleeping with the girl and to call her the next day to reassure her that you are interested in a relationship beyond just sex (if that is indeed the case).


    Amanda had buyer’s remorse when she called me a week later.

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