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    By on December 15, 2008

    Quick Definition: To move a target or group to a different venue.

    Full Definition:

    Bouncing a girl to multiple locations is a way of building comfort with her. Each location instills more memories, and the HB’s trust in the artist will grow from location to location (assuming a smooth transition and interesting conversation and activities take place at each location).

    Bouncing a girl to different locations can create a time distortion, or the feeling of having known the artist for a long time, even though the HB and the PUA have only known each other for a few hours. As such, a smooth Bounce is crucial for establishing isolation and comfort, especially in the case of ONSs, ZNSs, or insta-dates that take place over a short period of time.

    Bouncing also creates a precedence of the girl following the artist’s lead, which will make it easier for him to lead the girl back to his place later when going for the close.


    I bounced the HB to a couple of different clubs, before we headed back to my place.

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    • Martin

      Hey there i got a question if i meet a girl in a set of more than 2 how do i bounce without showing interest

    • It really depends on when & where you meet the girls. If it’s a night time situation, try inviting the group to come join you at another club/party/after party/fast food place.

      If logistics don’t allow for you to bounce with the girl, try to isolate her long enough to build a connection and go for the number close.

    • Martin

      oooh got it thank you very much

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