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  • Blueprint Decoded Review

    By on May 1, 2013

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    Blueprint Decoded is an inner game product for Intermediate to Advanced players.


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    Product Name The Blueprint Decoded
    Author Tyler/TD (Owen Cook)
    Company Affiliation Real Social Dynamics (RSD)
    Release Date July 01, 2008
    Skill Level Advanced
    Rating Product and content quality – 21/25 Innovation of material – 22/25 Application in field/bed – 25/25 Value for money – 24/25
    Total Score 92/100 (A-)/100 (based on 1 review)
    Price $449.00 - $599.00 depending on product features/ proposition purchased
    Format DVD (Video), CD (Audio)
    Reviewed By

    The development of ‘inner game’ has a role in the mastery of dating and all other aspects of your life. The Blueprint Decoded has been called the most detailed and comprehensive look into ‘inner game’ to date. The content is relatively controversial as it requires an examination of the ideas behind why the pickup artist and dating methods have worked consistently. It is an original dating product that combines teachings from many of the best sources of knowledge in the areas of spirituality, self development, seduction and pick-up artistry.

    Tyler Durden (Owen Cook) describes this product as a pattern that clicks in each time you view it, and it is intended for many of those outside of the seduction community and takes on life as a whole in our perception of learning things. Of course, it has an overall goal of improving your life, and your interactions with women as well as all relationships.

    As with other inner game products, its strength is that it addresses the underlying issues that sabotage your interactions with women. It therefore has the potential to give long lasting results, making dating become more natural and effortless. As a bonus, these skills when applied, will also have a positive impact on other aspects of your life. It is a very professionally put together product and quite expensive but the potential impact it can have on your dating abilities and non dating parts of your life justifies the cost.

    Here is a brief clip from the Blueprint Decoded:

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