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PUA Lingo Master Interview Series #6: Joshua Pellicer (Tao of Badass)

Posted by on November 24, 2011


I met Josh at a gathering of internet marketers in the dating niche in LA. He looked non-threatening and very approachable. In speaking with him at the dinner table I realized that he was a perfect combination of warm alpha.

He’s approachable and friendly without giving up authority and the importance of what he knew in his head.

He had a way about him that was very likable, as you will likely see in the video below.

Why Listen?

  1. Josh is one of the natural dating coaches that evolved separately from the seduction community, his techniques are focused on natural behavior patterns. More than other teachers, he focuses on pattern recognition in body language and sub-communication
  2. He is the author of the recently released Tao of Badass
  3. I talk to him about how to spot DTF girls
  4. He tells us his journey from a lonely, overly nice guy to being the man that he always wanted to me
  5. He shares his story about “that one girl” who he knew he has to become a better man for
  6. He talks about techniques when you’re alone at the bar, or when you’re there with a group of guy friends

Learn more about Josh and get his free videos here

Posted by on November 24, 2011

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  • If I’m correct,this is the same Josh who was or still with the AOC(art of charm)?

    Anyway,good to see that he came out with a product.I read about the Tao of Badass a few days ago.Sounds decent.

  • My bad!I meant inner confidence.com.

  • Nope different Joshua Pellicer than AOC

  • No, Socialkenny is correct, Joshua used to be a part of AOC before forming his own company. Inner Confidence is Robbie Kramer’s company.

  • @Casual-Ok cool.I figured so but wasn’t Sure since he went by Josh only.

  • @Casual-What’s your twitter and Facebook link?If possible,post a link here or something.Im tryna build my network.I’m already following VL.

  • Hey Kenny, I don’t use twitter much to be honest. You can follow us here:


  • Mike

    Yep, it’s the same Joshua Pellicer who worked for The Art of Charm. A lot (most?) of what is in The Tao of Badass is stuff taught at The Art of Charm or free on the PickUp Podcast which is from the same guys as The Art of Charm.

  • Ok cool Mike.But I’m shocked that the Tao of badass concepts has a lot if stuff from the AOC because I always seen the Harbingers as suave oopposed to teaching badboy stuff.

    • Lucky that you got to meet Josh. I’m hoping that I’ll get the chance to meet hom someday, too. He rocks!

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