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Episode 10. Richard La Ruina (Gamber) on Quality Girls and Hot European Girls

By on January 6, 2013

Posted by on January 6, 2013

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I finally got an close up, intimate interview with Richard La Ruina of PUA Training, AKA Gambler in the game. I caught him late at night due to the time difference so you will get to see a more candid side of the dating coach. We talk about life and how to get the girls you really want. You will also learn in this interview:

  1. How to identify the best bars to pick up at…
  2. How to build a strong relationship to multiple hot girls and have them in your social circle…
  3. Where in the world the hottest girls are, with natural beauty, down to earth personality and easy going relationships…
  4. How to deal with bitches…
  5. How to best learn game as a) beginner b) intermediate c) advanced pick up artist…
  6. How deal with flakes or prevent flakes in the first place…
richard la ruina gambler 2

A night out with Gambler

Gambler’s products have helped me tremendously when I was learning game, ever before we started PUA Lingo. You can learn more about his Stealth Attraction product and PUA University on our site. You can add him on Facebook here.

This was the girl in the video I was referring to in my interview:

Interview with Gambler Part 1

Interview with Gambler Part 2

Interview with Gambler Part 3

Interview with Gambler Part 4

Interview with Gambler Part 5

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