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  • Bait, Hook, Reel, Release (BHRR)

    By on December 14, 2008

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    Quick Definition: A concept from Mystery best used during A3 (Qualification) and Comfort game to bait the woman to DHV herself to the artist and invest in him by asking genuine questions, which the artist can then reward her for.

    Full Definition:

    The BHRR metaphor can be found in many different areas of game theory and psychology. It was officially coined by Mystery in The Venusian Arts Handbook. This term relates to the general theory of seduction: the anticipating, release, and control of power and emotion. It also has a similarity to Cat string theory, Juggler’s Banter, and David DeAngelo’s Push & Pull concepts. Uniquely, however, BHRR refers to Mystery Method’s flexibility in calibrating a bait, hook, reel, and release based on the situation and artist’s own identity.

    A Bait can be a question to challenger her: a compliance test, a hoop, or the artist’s own DHV with a takeaway.

    A Hook is when she genuinely answers a question, complies, or responds to the artist’s DHV with an IOI. If she is not hooked, neg and roll off.

    A Reel is a reward. The artist can give her kino escalation, an IOI in return for compliance, or a SOI after she IOIs.

    A Release is the breakaway that happens before the warm feeling of the reward turns to awkwardness. The artist can release by physically pushing her away (gently) and saying, “alright get off me, that’s all you get for now.” The PUA can also give a false time constraint after a reward, making her chase him. He can also tease and neg her a little after giving her an SOI to put challenge and tension back into the interaction.

    For example, the following can be a calibrated BHRR conversation:

    PUA: Are you a good cook? (Bait)

    HB: Hm. Depends. I am good at cooking Italian Food.

    PUA: No way! I love Italian food! How good is your lasagna?

    HB: Excellent! I have Italian food, my mom used to cook for me all the time back in Rome! (Hook)

    PUA:  That’s great that you are domestic, most girls I talk to these days cannot cook. You’ll have to cook for me sometime, as a return for the favor of showing you that magic trick. (Reel)

    HB: Ok. Sure.

    PUA:  But don’t any ideas when I come over now okay. Maybe we should do this at my place, that way I’ll feel safer (Role Reversal, Release). Alright, alright, where was I before this cooking conversation came up? (Release, Multi-thread)

    BHRR is a very powerful method and is explored in more detail in Mind of Mystery’s calibration series.

    Related Terms: Cat String Theory, Banter, Push and Pull, Cocky and Funny, Hook Point, Roll Off, Takeaway, KinoEscalation

    Source: Mystery

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