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  • Asshole Game

    By on March 21, 2013

    Quick Definition: A unique and high difficulty type of game that involves the PUA acting in a cocky but still charismatic way.

    Full Definition:

    Guys (especially nice guys) have trouble understanding how girls find assholes get laid. Imagine a bitchy vixen who’s hot, and plays guys, yet still has that young girl, seductive charm about her. She’s the hot, flirty bad girl. That’s how assholes appear to girls. They see his attitude as alpha, and his cockiness can be a major turn on.

    At the core, the asshole is actually unafraid of social conditioning. He may be somewhat damaged, and acting out, but he’s doing it in a way that shows his personality. Everyone has insecurities, and the asshole acts out on it. He sometimes cannot help his own behavior, and always apologizes after.

    Example of the character Ari gold on Entourage, who a lot of women admit want to sleep with:


    At the core, the asshole has some character issues, and a good, solid girl will eventually prefer a guy who also has his insecurities sorted out. The asshole, however, is always dramatic and fun to watch. Thus, the rise of reality TV and Jersey shore cast.

    tucker max

    Tucker Max became famous by writing about his asshole behavior and sexual escapades with lots of random women


    Tucker Max runs Asshole Game

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