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  • Arousal

    By on December 17, 2013

    Quick Definition: The ability to slowly increase the sexual interest of a woman while retaining comfort.

    Full Definition:

    Alex explains this best in the Natural Instinct method where he tries to evolve Mystery’s concept of “Attraction” to “Arousal”. I still believe attraction is key, however Alex introduces “arousal” based on his pleasing personality as a comfortable, smooth escalation towards sexual interest. You can see his video here.

    Alex’s Natural Instinct Method where he talks about Arousal and Comfort first based on his game-style

    arousal women

    Women get aroused based on men’s stories, personality, and displays of character more than looks. Men’s arousal is based mostly on “looks”. Our Attraction Circuitry Projections are different

    Usage: Arousal is different than attraction, it happens over time with a mixture of comfort and sexual interest.

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