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  • "Are You Shy?" Opener

    By on February 11, 2010

    Are you shy? Because I’ve been here all night and you haven’t even come over to talk to me.

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    • thats a classic man. I want to say thats a David D. line?

    • haha. I forgot, but this one has a lot of embedded subtleties. Humour, Pre-selection, Role reversal, DHV

    • Oh the “shy” description is also a minor neg.

    • AKIPA

      What if she responds with something bitchy like…”why would I” or “Ya so”

    • karl d slayer

      @ akipa..thats the nice thing about in the game and playing it..dont linger on the opener..listen to her response and make a DHV out of it..if she is a 10 neg her..lil tease will do…dont over do the neg..or you’ll get a slap..haha kidding.. for that response i would say.. “coz you dont look like one”..then neg bit …then routine……coz you look like a my lost cute puppy put a smile on your face…then do a routine…

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