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  • Archetype Game

    By on January 26, 2010

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    Quick Definition: Knowledge of a social demographic’s ideal and how to capitalize on it.

    Full Definition:

    Every social demographic has its idea of the ideal attractive male, which is called an Archetype. Club girls like men who dance and are high energy. On the other hand, musicians tend to be poor, so the girls in that demographic do not put much value on fancy clothing. Knowing what the assumed Archetype of a demographic is is key, as you can then adopt aspects of that mold and put your own unique spin on it, which will fit your own personality (after all, you’d only be trying to fit in to the music scene if you truly loved music). By incorporating aspects of the ideal Archetype, you will draw women in that scene towards you.

    It’s easy to see guys who do not understand Archetype game, as they are the ones that painfully stand out in a situation. Guys in khakis clutching drinks in a club, an out-of-shape guy at a gym, or a teenager in a bingo parlor are examples of places where people who do not fit the Archetype of the venue stand out painfully. This lack of social awareness is an absolute killer when it comes to romance and sexualization – if you obviously don’t belong, then no one will want to be seen around you.

    Knowing the Archetype of your preferred demographic and training yourself to become that archetype are a big steps in becoming the man that women are instantly attracted to.

    goth kids

    Some archetypes have more affinity than others towards each member of their group (i.e. Goth couples)


    “I realized that I hang around artists all day but don’t fit the artistic archetype – no wonder I never get laid!”

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    Source: http://www.troydizondating.com/

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