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  • Approach Machine

    By on January 12, 2009

    Quick Definition: An artist who is able to do approach after approach without the fear of AA or rejection, but may be somewhat uncalibrated in his genuineness to connect with the people in the sets that he approaches.

    Full Definition:

    Whereas some new PUAs get stuck in AA and opening, the Approach Machine is able to do many approaches very quickly and without hesitation. In field, this is very effective for gaining experience. The term is also used by coaches to describe newbies who lack genuine connection with a girl, and are just doing the approach because they feel like they need to approach a fixed number of sets. As such, an Approach Machine gains a lot of experience opening sets, but, because of his speed and mechanical nature, misses out on the genuine connection between human beings as part of his field training experience.

    It is possible for a PUA to be an Approach Machine and be good with calibration and self-correcting behavior. Going out will significantly increase his field experience and learning based on the time spent in sets.


    Tyler was an approach machine when he first started RSD with Papa.

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